Fuji Xerox Business Centre Sydney

FXBC Sydney

About Fuji Xerox Business Centre Sydney


Fuji Xerox Business Centre Sydney was established in 1984 and is Australian wholly owned and operated. As an authorized Fuji Xerox dealer, FXBC Sydney has been servicing Sydney’s commercial sector for almost 30 years.


At FXBC Sydney we are committed to providing our customers with digital solutions that will improve productivity and performance in the workplace. We are the market leader in supplying Fuji Xerox products such as:

  • Multifunction Devices

  • Printers

  • Wide Format Services

  • Production Machines

  • Software solutions

Environmental Sustainability

We also provide customers with sustainable products and processes that will increase business efficiency. At FXBC Sydney we are dedicated to the environment and we maintain an internal sustainability program in conjunction with Fuji Xerox Australia.

Customer Relations 

Our success is based on the highest quality of technical support and customer service. We take pride in the caliber of our staff and we work to maintain long –term relationships with our clients. For multiple solutions that will enhance your productivity and performance, contact FXBC Sydney.