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2 November 2001

Fuji Xerox Australia wins industry accolade at the 2001 Engineering Excellence Awards

Fuji Xerox Australia wins industry accolade at the 2001 Engineering Excellence Awards

The annual awards, organised by the Institution of Engineers, Australia, Sydney Division, recognises excellent levels of achievement and innovation within the engineering industry.

"We are delighted to receive such high commendation in this industry award," said Philip Chambers, Managing Director, Fuji Xerox Australia. "We believe we have created an Eco-Manufacturing Centre that is a model of environmental responsibility as well as a centre of good business sense which has created jobs in the local community. It is deeply gratifying that other people, such as the members of this prestigious organisation, think we are doing a worthwhile job as well."

Entrants are judged on such criteria as demonstration of engineering excellence, innovative design, constructive, maintenance and management practices; benefit to the community, environmental sustainability and use of sound engineering practices and principles.

The Zetland-based Eco-Manufacturing Centre, officially opened in July, is a showcase of Fuji Xerox's efforts to conserve resources and decrease landfill/waste through remanufacturing, environmental product design and recycling.

Fuji Xerox remanufactures items including lasers, fuser rollers, print cartridges and office machine components. Engineers take a used component, dismantle, test and re-engineer improvements into the product, so that it is "as good as new." They have developed over 200 programs locally that have increased the scope of the remanufacturing process and improved product performance in the process. A particularly creative program is signature analysis - a procedure invented by Fuji Xerox technicians to determine where a component might be in its life cycle.

The processes used in remanufacture are also designed to reduce harm to the environment. For example, the company uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents to strip fuser rollers, and carbon dioxide to clean mechanical components. It also recycles 90 per cent of the waste generated by remanufacturing processes.

The Centre is also the benchmark operation for Xerox Corporation worldwide. Fuji Xerox Australia has thus reduced its dependence on overseas imports and now exports to the countries it previously imported from, thereby increasing Australian industry and wealth.

Customers have benefited from lower running costs on machines due to improved performance. In addition, the Centre has created jobs in Sydney: from a staff of three nine years ago, the Eco-manufacturing Centre now employs more than 150 people.

The Eco-Manufacturing Centre has won several awards in the past year. Most recently, it won the "Excellence in Product Stewardship" award at the awards night organised by the Australian Electronic Engineering Manufacturers' Association (AEEMA). AEEMA commended Fuji Xerox for its work in remanufacturing including the technologies employed, enhanced product reliability and environmentally friendly production systems.

Fuji Xerox was recently admitted to the United Nations Global 500 Roll of Honour for environmental leadership and won an import replacement award from the Deloitte Industry Association.

Fuji Xerox Australia is a leader in document management solutions, drawing on many years of research and development to deliver customised solutions for clients at every level of enterprise document processing. Operating since 1961, the company offers the broadest range of printers, digital production publishers, copiers, facsimile products, scanners and software in the industry. More information can be located at www.fujixerox.com.au

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