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25 May 2005

New File Submission Software from Fuji Xerox

New File Submission Software from Fuji Xerox

RemotePrinter is of greatest value to Fuji Xerox customers who operate at a frenetic pace and who must deliver documents on demand quickly, efficiently and to a high quality. Traditional methods of producing volume documents are no longer adequate to meet this need. The process of printing documents on desktop printers and physically transporting them to a production centre where they are scanned and copied meets none of the requirements for speed, accessibility or quality.

"Document submission is the number one bottleneck in our customer workflows," explained Eliot Harper, Production Workflow Marketing Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia. "RemotePrinter offers a suite of file submission solutions that provide choice for our customers and help streamline and control the job submission process."

"ePrint Direct is committed to providing accessible print room solutions and by partnering with Fuji Xerox Australia we ensure that customers benefit from the best our industry has to offer," announced Chris Camp, Managing Director, ePrint Direct. "RemotePrinter is a designated FreeFlow solution which works seamlessly with Xerox production printers, and we are pleased to be working with Fuji Xerox to enable them to offer complete workflow solutions."

There are five products within the RemotePrinter Suite:

RemotePrinter Enterprise
RemotePrinter Enterprise provides organisations with the option of submitting documents to a central print service via its own in-house web service or locally installed drivers. Document submission to the web service simply involves the customer logging on to the Print Room Enterprise web page, uploading office document(s) and completing the online job ticket.

RemotePrinter Server
RemotePrinter Server is located in the print room. It collects documents sent by the PDF Driver and/or the Enterprise Server and allows them to be viewed prior to printing without needing the application that generated the document.

RemotePrinter PDF Driver
RemotePrinter PDF Driver allows users to preview their documents and then send them automatically across a network or Internet connection complete with instructions, making the print room as convenient as a desktop printer.

RemotePrinter Reporter
RemotePrinter Reporter collects information on the cost of network printing. Combined with the information contained on the job ticket, Reporter displays an immediate estimate for the customer and generates cost summaries and reports for the print room.

RemotePrinter Assistant
RemotePrinter Assistant was designed as a solution to expensive desktop printing. RemotePrinter Assistant monitors the print activity of PCs connected to a network and - according to thresholds set by the print room - indicates to the user when it is appropriate to send a document to the central print room.

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