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25 May 2005

Xerox Speeds up Flagship iGen3 Digital Press

Xerox Speeds up Flagship iGen3 Digital Press

Built on the award-winning technology of the Xerox iGen3, this new press runs 10 percent to 20 percent faster, printing standard A4 jobs at 110 pages-per-minute and smaller sheet sizes at up to 120 ppm (or 7,200 4/0 sheets per hour).

The Xerox iGen3 110 press delivers all the benefits of the 100 ppm iGen3 press including superior image quality, increased productivity and the ability to produce several applications such as full-colour books, personalised marketing materials and posters. Since its launch in 2002, the iGen3 has printed more than 1 billion pages worldwide, and more than 30 customers are printing more than 1 million pages a month.

"The iGen3 110 press is a result of our relentless effort to help our customers be more productive and grow their businesses with digital printing technology," said Henryk Kraszewski, iGen3 Program Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia. "The iGen3 press revolutionised the printing industry, allowing customers to grow their client base, volume and profits, and our commitment is to continue to improve the technology to broaden their opportunities."

Enhancements to the press include Xerox SmartSize software, which allows the iGen3 110 press to maximise the rate of page throughput per run, based on paper size. In other words, this intelligent software enables the press to fit more pages on the imaging belt to optimise print productivity. For example, customers can now produce jobs such as business cards (multiples to a page) or two-up 152 x 229 mm book blocks at 90 ppm (180 book pages per minute), instead of 50 ppm.

The iGen3 110 press can also print on larger and heavier paper stocks. It offers enhanced paper handling with an oversize paper option - up to 364 x 571 mm - that accommodates a wider variety of stocks from 120 to 350 gsm. This new option allows print professionals to efficiently produce an expanded set of applications, including book jackets and larger posters.

The first installation of a Xerox iGen3 110 Digital Production Press in the Asia Pacific region is currently under way with a customer in Melbourne with a second unit scheduled to be installed in Sydney in June.

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