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29 May 2009

PacPrint 09: New Finance Option Helps Fuji Xerox Customers Maximise Their Technology Investments

PacPrint 09: New Finance Option Helps Fuji Xerox Customers Maximise Their Technology Investments

PacPrint 09 – Melbourne – 26th May 2009 – Fuji Xerox Australia customers can now qualify for the Federal Government’s proposed investment allowance to maximise their technology investments providing they meet all the eligibility criteria.

Available through Fuji Xerox Finance (FXF), the newly introduced Hire Purchase Agreement (HPA) transfers the ownership of Fuji Xerox equipment to the customer once all obligations have been met. Business entities with a turnover of more than $2 million per annum may be able to claim a 30% deduction on any new purchase of Fuji Xerox technology solutions if a contract is signed before June 30th 2009. Meanwhile businesses with a turnover of less than $2 million per annum can claim up to 50% rebate, available until the end of 2009. In both cases, the investment allowance is subject to meeting the Government’s set legislation criteria.

“Businesses need to continue to invest in technology to ensure they lay the foundations for future growth,” says Simon Lane, national manager for Fuji Xerox’s production business in Australia.

“We have added the HPA to our existing portfolio of finance solutions to ensure our customers can meet the ever increasing demand for effective graphic communications services and solutions using the latest Fuji Xerox technology.”

In addition to the new HPA, Fuji Xerox Finance offers several other finance solutions, including Preferred Customer Rental and Fixed Lease Rental. Fuji Xerox Finance has been providing finance solutions to its customers for more than 30 years, with approximately 75 per cent of all Fuji Xerox equipment financed through FXF.

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To learn more about the new HPA financing option, please visit the joint Fuji Xerox Australia and FUJIFILM stand: Stand F10 (immediately facing doors 2 and 3)

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