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5 February 2010

ApeosPort-IV and DocuCentre-IV Series Win

ApeosPort-IV and DocuCentre-IV Series Win

TOKYO, February 3 2010 – Within Fuji Xerox’s office-use digital color multifunction device lineup, four models from the ApeosPort-IV series, *1 and another four from the DocuCentre-IV series *2 have won the METI Minister’s Award in the 20th Energy Conservation Grand Prize for 2009 (Energy-Saving Machines and Systems category) sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI; Commendation ceremony will be held on Feb. 10) . Since first winning this prize with its digital color multifunction devices in the DocuColor 1250 series in 1999, Fuji Xerox has become the first company in the industry to receive the award for 11 consecutive years.

Features of the Prize-Winning Products

The prize-winning products feature a newly developed Induction Heating (IH) fuser *3 and EA-Eco toner (EA: Emulsion Aggregate) that has reduced the fusing temperature by approx. 20 C compared with conventional EA toners. Combining these technologies, the products boast a reduction of maximum 75 percent *4 in Typical Electric Consumption (TEC) *5 (2.44 kWh) , *6 a power consumption level that complies with the International Energy Star Program standards.

Fuji Xerox’s IH fuser offers the world’s fastest 3-second startup time, enabling the devices to be ready to print in less than 10 seconds *7 (a 55 percent *8 reduction compared with a conventional model) from a sleep mode. This has reduced the wait time before copying, faxing or printing, delivering the benefits of convenience and energy conservation at the same time.

The energy-saving technologies features include:

(1) The new IH fuser adopts an IH belt containing the world's thinnest nonmagnetic metal with a thickness of microns (one micron=0.001mm) , which heats up quickly. Thereby the fusing device does not have to be preheated, achieving zero power consumption when not printing, and the world's fastest (as of July 2009) startup time of three seconds *9.

(2) The EA Eco Toner, utilized in the Fuji Xerox office products for the first time, features an approx. 20 C lower fusing temperature compared to conventional EA toners. Thereby, power consumption at fusing has been reduced by about 15 percent.

(3) High brightness white light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used as the light sources for image scanning, resulting in reducing power consumption by 70 percent.

(4) The device controller has been improved, which has decreased power consumption in sleep mode to one-sixth. *10

Fuji Xerox’s Efforts in Developing Energy-Saving Products

Aiming at contributing to global warming prevention, Fuji Xerox established a long-term power saving plan in 1997, which called for cutting the electric power consumption of its copiers and multifunction devices, and has been accelerating R&D efforts in energy-saving technologies. The power consumption per device has been reduced by about 45 percent in 2008 compared to the 1997 level, and Fuji Xerox also has reduced the total power consumption of Fuji Xerox’s copiers/multifunction devices in the Japanese market by about 22 percent *11. As a result, it has reduced about 670,000 tons *11 of CO 2 in eleven years from 1998 to 2008.

By continuously innovating fusing technology, which is key to save power, and combining it with the company’s original technologies, Fuji Xerox received Energy Conservation Prizes in all products areas, from low- to high-speed, monochrome and color, over 11 consecutive years Chart 1.

In addition to the efforts concerning its products, in February 2009, Fuji Xerox set its greenhouse gas reduction targets for FY2020, where it aims to reduce power consumption per device by 80 percent of that in FY2005. Fuji Xerox will continue to contribute in global warming prevention through further development of energy-saving products and delivering them to as many customers as possible.

For details of the Asia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Collaboration Center, the organizer of the Energy Conservation Grand Prize, please access:

Chart 1 All areas of Fuji Xerox’s products received Energy Conservation Prizes

Fuji Xerox's Energy Conservation Prized Products

*1 ApeosPort-IV C2270 (25 ppm in color), ApeosPort-IV C3370 (35 ppm in color), ApeosPort-IV C4470 (45 ppm in color), and ApeosPort-IV C5570 (50 ppm in color).

*2 DocuCentre-IV C2270 (25 ppm in color), DocuCentre-IV C3370 (35 ppm in color), DocuCentre-IV C4470 (45 ppm in color), and DocuCentre-IV C5570 (50 ppm in color).

Details of the award-winning models:

  • DocuCentre-IV C2270 PFS, C2270 P
  • DocuCentre-IV C3370 PFS, C3370 P
  • DocuCentre-IV C4470 PFS, C4470 P
  • DocuCentre-IV C5570 PFS
  • ApeosPort-IV C2270 PFS
  • ApeosPort-IV C3370 PFS
  • ApeosPort-IV C4470 PFS
  • ApeosPort-IV C5570 PFS
Text Box: P: Printer  F: G3 fax  S: Scanner

*3 For details of the IH fuser, please access:

*4 Compared to ApeosPort-III C4405 PFS (TEC: 9.93 kWh).

*5 Typical Electric Consumption (TEC): The amount of power consumed over an assumed working week (5 days of operation and sleep/off repeated + 2 days of sleep/off) for office products such as copiers and multifunction devices.

*6 Applicable for ApeosPort-IV/DocuCentre-IV C4470 PFS.

*7 Applicable for ApeosPort-IV/DocuCentre-IV C3370/C2270.

*8 The comparison was made between ApeosPort-IV C3370PFS and ApeosPort-III C3305 PFS.

*9 Applicable for ApeosPort-IV/DocuCentre-IV C3370/C2270, which were launched in July 2009 in Japan.

*10 Applicable for ApeosPort-IV/DocuCentre-IV C4470, less than 1.5W. Compared with ApeosPort-III C4405 PFS.

*11 The figures are based on an assumption that the energy-saving level had not changed since 1997.